For effective & smooth business operations CartelSystems offer prime courses depending upon your business requirements. These courses help you to provide necessary information of various business tools so that you can learn ways to manage & configure Moodle & take informed business decisions. At CartelSystems we offer courses like Moodle Manager Course, Moodle Professional course, Moodle Enterprise hosting etc. The courses we offer covers latest LMS benefits & features. We prepare our clients to get started as a “Moodler” & manage learning. Our training courses are developed to-

·       Fit training with your job schedule.

·       Support you to get your job done on time with utmost ease and confidence.

·       Helps to save your time & keeps you away from frustration by completing things in the right manner.

·       Trains you as a certified Moodle trainer with an excellent training environment

If you are looking for a Moodle training course you can contact CartelSystems. Our courses help you to get acquainted with Moodle hosting, Moodle theming as well as technical support. We also offer online training courses. The main features of online training sessions are as follows-

·       You can fix time and date as per your availability.

·       No need to travel to the training centre.

·       Best suited for small groups & individuals.

·       Online training sessions are the cost effective way to upgrade the skills & expertise of new team members.

·       Live online training sessions allow you to give feedback & ask questions with Moodle expert.

·       You can join the online sessions from any corner of the world.