At CartelSystems we help our clients to meet various challenges in the ongoing business world. Availing our services can help you to enjoy smooth and error free LMS operations. Our professionals value your business the way you do. We understand the losses that your business may encounter during the failure (slow or non responsive) of LMS. In many cases after the Moodle is implemented its users may experience problems in terms of slow functioning or non responsive LMS. In such cases you can either submit a ticket or call at our helpdesk to tune your system as early as possible. We have a separate team who is especially trained to tackle problems related to post Moodle implementation. Our team members are always eager to assist you the best possible way they can.

Why to choose us?

Moodle implementation is gaining huge popularity these days and so market is flourished with various companies offering Moodle implementation & services. But it is often seen that the after implementation these companies fail to provide good support & hosting services to their clients. This ultimately fails the purpose of introducing Moodle in the business. At the same time the businesses also encounter problems to run their business operations smoothly & efficiently & end up incurring huge losses.

At CartelSystems we hires trained and experienced professionals that can help you to meet serious emergencies & identify the root cause of problems. Our professionals are well trained to restore the systems encountering problems to give quick solutions to our clients. Our application support team is well versed to identify problems, use grade book, add video, upload batch course, install a new plug or anything related to functionality & feature inside the Learning Management system.

At CartelSystems we render services to all type of clients (experienced as well as newcomers). Our clients are assured to get well managed LMS applications that are professionally operated.

Why Learning Management System?

Many businesses fail to understand the need for introducing Learning Management system. There is a myth that LMS adds up to the total cost of expenditure. But in reality this is not true. LMS helps you to promote your brand in many ways. It also assures smooth functioning of various business processes. Businesses that do not include LMS locks themselves inn because LMS is an open source system. That is why more and more organizations are experiencing the need for LMS. The major benefits of LMS are-

  • LMS does not charge on the basis of number of users- It means that LMS is not scalable at all. You can add more users with no extra cost.
  • LMS is a robust platform- It means that LMS allows fast & frequent fixes & improvements problems on fast & frequent basis. This is due to the fact that an LMS source code can be easily adapted, worked or improved by any developer.
  • LMS allows wide adoption- LMS is an open source that is available to everyone & anyone that wish to adopt it. It benefits its users at a larger scale when it comes to use & optimization.