Moodle integration enables full business-value for your Learning Management System (LMS). Several companies have HRMS (Human Responsible Management system) & LMS. With growth & expansion of business it becomes crucial to link information of HRMS & LMS. For instance, when the HR professional (if required) may wish to extract some information about certifications, competencies, grades, learning progress from LMS & upload it to the HRMS. In a corporate learning program HRMS is a basic application as it contains employee & staff information. LMS offers number of advantages to its users, to enjoy these advantages it is important that its users are able transmit information from HRMS to the LMS to update the organization roster. It can help the HRMS to learn progress & pull grading from the LMS to keep a track over long term performance of the employees.

The solutions that we offer at CartelSystems integrates with the software of other enterprises through any of the below method-

1.    Near real time method (using web services)

2.    Batch method (using flat files)- It uses data transfer & spreadsheets.

To ensure the success of Moodle integration CartelSystems takes the below mentioned steps-

·       Discovery- Our analysts works with our clients to define their specific needs. This can be based on their decision to automatically link their staff added HRM with the LMS? Requirements of moving the grading information from to HRM from the LMS? Requirements in terms of system sync?

If you want to avail the service offered by CartelSystems & not sure about the above answers our analysts are always there to offer you a helping hand towards right integration methodology & best solutions for all your needs.

·       Method- Once we are done with the above flow, we can then decide on which method of integration to be adopted to get best results. Utilizing conventional flat files takes less time for programming & is also a proven technique. More programming is required for web services but they have the advantage to offer near real time or a real time option. In case of flat files the process of highlighting errors is more difficult as the procedure has to be manual. Hence this method is typically used if there is absence of IT-resources & the real-time bi directional communication is not required.

·       Development- This process requires a lot of teamwork for the success of HRM application interference to transfer & accept data. Once our team is done with the working system, they test every work-flow to make sure that things go as designed.

·       Go live & training- Before go live we make sure that our users are fully trained to run the system. Once the system is tested & ready to be deployed the web services are activated over live-site & the synchronization/ integration are active.

Usually this process takes 6-8 weeks to be fully completed. It entirely depends upon the total number of integrations & the integration method among the systems. At CartelSystems we have ample of experience in integrating with different types of student management, HRM & CRM systems (For instance, Workday & Saba).

To get maximum benefits from various training programs offered by CartelSystems contact our integration experts and get started.

Top reasons why to avail our Moodle Integration services?

At CartelSystems we can help your business integrate the Moodle LMS to keep updating the learner as well as personnel information. We provide integration in terms of progress, grade, enrollment, course & user to experience integrating Moodle with ERP systems, HR, CRM, Student information systems & registry. It includes CAMS, Sharepoint,workday, iMIS, Datatel Colleague, Banner, PeopleSoft, Microsoft & many more.

At CartelSystems we have integrated Moodle with shopping cart, so as soon as students pay through credit card they will get order confirmation email and can access the course in Moodle. We have done the integration of Moodle and Joomla (CMS), all Moodle courses automatically get appeared in Joomla. Users will register into Joomla and can purchase the course in Joomla. There are many shopping cart features are available, like add to cart, multiple courses purchase, many different payment methods etc. Once the payment is successful user gets enrolled into the course. Please check our portfolio to see the demo.

Besides this we have worked on many plugins, blocks, reports, e-certificates, live virtual classroom setup, many interactive themes and Moodle upgradation. Our experts have developed many SCORM complaint courses using Adobe Captivate, Camtasia Studio, Articulate, Scenari Chain and iSpring. There are around 230 courses on UN Moodle, each course contains 10-15 SCORM packages.