What is Moodle?

Moodle is also known as VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) or LMS (Learning Management System). Moodle means Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is an open source CMS (Course Management System). Installation of Moodle is done over various operating systems (mainly Linux operating system & Windows operating system).

Why Moodle implementation is important?

Moodle is a very popular online tool. Moodle implementation is important because it allows you to create an engaging, flexible & powerful online learning experience (but actually it goes far beyond that). Since Moodle is a course management system it helps to create an excellent platform for student-teacher relationship. Various businesses these days require Moodle Implementation for its successful & smooth operations. Moodle is used to create dynamic websites for employees & students. For successful installation, Moodle needs to be installed over a web server either on your own or we can offer Moodle hosting for your organization or school.

Various organizations are using Moodle worldwide

Moodle is gaining huge popularity these days. It has helped various businesses to excel in their respective areas. At present there are has nearly 70 million registered Moodle users all around the world. Moodle has now become the go to LMS (Learning Management System) for many companies including post secondary intuitions & K 12 schools. It helps the trainers, professionals as well as teachers to access a set of customizable feature for effective learning online. The open source developers implement Moodle that allows you to create hundreds of plugins which let you do many things like messaging, add activities, grading, build reports etc.

How CartelSystems can help you?

If you have Moodle Implementation in mind then you have landed the right place. At CartelSystems we offer excellent Moodle Implementation services in a very simple process. Our Moodle Implementation process includes various packages. Depending upon your business requirements you can choose any of them. Our professionals have always strived to offer excellent services (host, install, customize etc.) to our clients. We have expertise to develop Moodle designs either from scratch or blend it with your present website branding. We can help you to create customized designs to promote your brand. We are a leading name in terms of providing support & maintenance along with specialized services for Moodle implementation & customization. Our service includes predefined structured & efficient processes. Our professionals help you to get your Moodle site up & running and let your courses & learners migrate to a new site with ease.

On behalf of our clients requirements we take the initiative in the following ways.

For implementing new Learning Management System we proceed in the following manner –

  • Requirement analysis
  • Site provisioning
  • Development
  • Theme design if required
  • Custom plugins and reports development
  • Integration with other applications if required
  • Security implementations
  • For migrating from existing Learning Management System we proceed in the following manner-
  • Current system analysis
  • Custom Development
  • Theme design if required
  • Custom plugins and reports development
  • Integration with other applications if required
  • Content migration
  • Security implementations
  • Server migration if required
  • Training and user manuals