In today’s era of technological advancement the healthcare sector stands out to offer great advantages from competency management, workplace learning & online education. The healthcare sector mainly includes- health authorities, hospitals, patient & professional associations. At present this sector is highly pressurized to perform well (as it is experiencing massive growth) within constrained budgets. At CartelSystems we have worked with some of the leading healthcare providers to improve their patient outcomes by handling their training challenges. Online accreditation, competency management, training & education plays vital role while dealing with organizational changes & growth. A hosted LMS can help you to streamline administration, lower down the overall IT costs & enjoy smooth & continuous operations.

The top benefits that online learning offer to Healthcare are –

·    Reduce risk & foster competency- Model competency on the basis of best practices into the courses related to medical-education ensure induction of new processes, consistency of care & measure understanding. With the help of standardized content in training every individual learns the same thing that helps to reduce the training variations. This further lowers down the risks associated with inconsistent teaching. This can also enable you to introduce alterations with improved methods later in the courses (if required).

·    Improve patient outcomes- New methods are being introduced from time to time improving the care standards. To make sure that your teams are updated with the best practices, E-learning presents unique opportunity in this case. At CartelSystems we provide training courses for course managers to our clients. These courses help them to perform well & give improved patient outcomes. E-learning quickly trains people across shifts over various campuses.

·    Tracking the employee’s progress- LMS helps its users to track the progress of their employees. It includes- personal training objectives, course completion, certifications & CME credits. The HR department can easily track people who are ready for promotion & also those who need up gradation on skills to maintain status.

·    Minimize costs- LMS helps to eliminate training costs involved in accommodation, food, travel & venue. E-learning is quick to roll out once the course-content is ready. It helps people to escape through course enrolment fees by owing the content. LMS helps its users to minimize the cost involved in administration by automatically integrating & enrolling employees into the LMS with a single-sign on system. By integrating the LMS with the existing HRMS the user can also eliminate the data entry. The biggest advantage is that some LMS does not even require software license fees.

·    Promotes anywhere anytime learning- Many of us are living the mobile lifestyles. E-learning enables its users to get trained anywhere anytime. It allows a lot of flexibility to the employees in terms of time, location, work disruptions etc.

CartelSystems in Healthcare

Our open source LMS helps to meet unique training needs in Healthcare sector

To help your to build Moodle’s strength CartelSystems provides you additional capabilities to meet various requirements in terms of certification & accreditation, healthcare training & pre-hire training and pre-hire assessment. Our team of experts helps you to create competencies, hierarchies & learning organizations to support your organization. Our experts imparts out of the box guidance & reporting tools to our ever valued clients to make them growth by reporting, tracking & managing on compliance & competencies and track easily. As an Open-Source CartelSystems embrace open Education-Resources & sharing of Open-Learning Content.

Our LMS is used by various Healthcare organizations all across the globe

Our open source LMS are supported by renowned organization all across the globe. Here I want to add the list of worldwide organizations that uses our Healthcare LMS.

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