Today Moodle is supported by various communities of educators, developers as well as users all around the world. At CartelSystems we work with various kinds of large & medium sized educational organizations to support & help their learning initiatives.

Market demands innovation & E-learning in the education sector

Today the teachers & students are seeking for more engaging & flexible learning experiences. To meet this demand the educational institutions are struggling to compete & keep up for students & funding. At CartelSystems we offer perfect business solution to our clients via hosted learning management implementation. We help our clients to lower down their overall budget & avail the benefits of smooth training operations by reducing their streamline administration & IT costs. At CartelSystems we can enable Moodle implementation (from idea to execution) in less than twelve months.

E-learning plays an important role in the education sector by imparting quality education to students. The top benefits that online learning offer to education are-
·    Provide flexibility to students- To pursue technical programs & higher education various students has to balance work plus school. E-learning provides them a lot of flexibility to learn when they can, not when they are ought to. CartelSystems works with renowned organization to transition courses onto Learning Management System.

·    Minimize cost- E-learning does not require any kind of physical space. What all it requires is data hosted on servers (off-site). By availing our services the education institutions straightaway minimize their need for physical infrastructure to organize classes. We provide training courses for instructors to reuse & develop course content easily. Our solutions help the teachers to alter content to revel new information, focus over their inquiry areas & ovoid spending time in reinventing the wheel for every class. Open source LMS such as Moodle do not require fees in terms of software license.

·    Enhances anywhere & everywhere learning- Now a day’s scholars have mobile devices. Hence as far as they have internet connectivity they can complete their assignments & learn online at anytime of the day. Even while traveling in a bus they can view & access the content of the course through smart phones & get started.

Moodle E-learning solutions offer several advantages to the School & education administration

CartelSystems allows you to monitor course participation & optimize your school. We can help you to gather insights that can help you to optimize classes, courses & programs. This can help you to lower down the overall cost of operations of school administration by the means of integrating registration, payment & enrolment into smooth & continuous process.

·    IT operations- At CartelSystems with the help of expert services & excellent IT infrastructure we strive to deliver reliable, scalable, secure & highly responsive managed hosting in the cloud.

·    Teachers and Post-secondary faculty- CartelSystems help the instructors & teachers to share open learning repositories & resources, customize courses, create engaging assignments & include online content to encourage collaborative learning. This system enables the scholars to understand & learn as per their learning capabilities.

·    Students- CartelSystems help students to participate in online discussions, collaborate on projects, tracking course assignments & get notified about the availability of course contents. Our moodle app & Moodle mobile theme allows students to keep a chack of things on-the-go.

To avail our services contact us at CartelSystems to let us know how our experts can help you to implement/ support your Moodle system