It is often said that employees are not born as “PERFECT” instead they can be trained & made “PERFECT”. Today many organizations are taking efforts to develop talent beyond the four walls of classroom. These organizations believe in surviving over their abilities to innovate & alter to offer their prospects & customers new services & products from time to time. Surviving in the ever changing culture requires sufficient training to keep the employees up to date. The importance of learning could not be ignored to achieve success no matter whether you are offering sessions for product knowledge, on-boarding new hires or compliance training. Traditional face to face training techniques are quiet expensive & consume long time durations. In such cases E-learning comes into action to help individuals as well as organizations to meet their objectives. A hosted LMS helps to streamline administration, minimize IT costs to enjoy smooth & continuous training operations.

The top benefits that online learning offer to Corporate Training are –

·    Improve organizational outcomes- This is done by improving the value of employees through effective training. Employees are the greatest asset to any organization. With the help of accessible & easy to use learning platforms to train your employees to meet their career objectives helps them to improve their value at workplace. CartelSystems helps your business LMS to integrate with the most popular HRMS allowing the administrators to track the progress of employee.

·    Minimize costs- LMS helps to eliminate training costs involved in accommodation, food, travel & venue. E-learning is quick to roll out once the course-content is ready. It helps people to escape through course enrolment fees by owing the content. LMS helps its users to minimize the cost involved in administration by automatically integrating & enrolling employees into the LMS with a single-sign on system. By integrating the LMS with the existing HRMS the user can also eliminate the data entry. The biggest advantage is that some LMS does not even require software license fees.

·    Promotes anywhere anytime learning- Many of us are living the mobile lifestyles. E-learning enables its users to get trained anywhere anytime. It allows a lot of flexibility to the employees in terms of time, location, work disruptions etc. This results into improved course-completion times.

·    Foster competency- This is done by customizing your courses to match your business needs. Various organizations today require training of their employees on proprietary methods to accomplish tasks for productivity, efficiency & compliance reasons. At CartelSystems we have instructional designers who are capable to customize courses as per your needs to ensure employee performance. With the participation of every employee into same materials foster consistency.

·    Align corporate objectives with training- Every organization has its own predetermined business goals along with the steps & set time frame that can help to achieve them. But to make sure that the employees are also directed to achieve the same goals ou can introduce performance management module to tie your employees with the corporate strategies.

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