Moodle Experts!

At Cartel Systems our team of moodle experts develops unique learning environments on the basis of popular open source Moodle LMS. We fulfill our client’s requirements by helping them to pick up the right tools. Our client’s gets some major list of benefits by procuring such open source solution. Studies has shown that due to a change in software market today a large number of educational institutions, corporate entities and government entities are shifting towards open-source software like never before. The major reason behind this shift is the flexibility and cost effectiveness that these software provide its users. With the constant use of open source applications (within mission critical and large systems) the IT department is experiencing a lot of benefits. We have proud to say that we are one of the well known Moodle expert in India.

On the other side an innovative marketplace has come into existence to deliver wide range of services like customization, maintenance & implementation. These days the government has also taken steps to induce policies that encourage various departments to avail the benefits of these open source software. For instance, in the United Kingdom’s report “Open-Source, Open-standards & Re Use: Government Action-Plan” statement of policy includes that the decisions for business requirements in terms of procurements will be taken based on best value for money solution. This is done on account of total lifetime ownership solution cost (it includes transition as well as exit costs). There will be no significant difference in the overall cost (between non open & open source products). Here the open-source will be chosen based on its additional inherent flexibility.

Needless to say that today the trend for open source software is growing everywhere at a faster pace but we cannot deny the fact that there is always some barriers that comes along with it. Hence a customer should always act smart to receive all the advantages that these open source software has to offer them.

Comparing the services & the revenues

While purchasing proprietary software you get the right to use the software (in the form of license). At the same time you are made to pay twice. The first payment is made in the form of license fee & the second one is accompanied by compulsory support services. Such fees are basically structured on the basis of per user & are renewed every year. These are agreements that basically include some business assurances that the users gets when problems persist. But the open source model works in a different way. There is no annual rent in the form of compulsory support agreement to validate the license. Such subscriptions offers patch updates, error correction, security updates, maintenance & code support.

The major difference is that open source includes new version & new feature releases. While in proprietary model new versions & features are available only when the license fees are paid. Hence the subscriptions for open source offer more as compared to proprietary support agreements. This is due to the fact that open source subscriptions allows more flexibility & are much cheaper than proprietary software.

Our major highlights

At CartelSystems our services are refined for compliance & workplace learning. We are commercial open source distributors of Moddle LMS that are especially designed for workplace learning & corporate training. For more details get in touch with our experts who can guide you as per your business needs. Fulfilling the requirements of over two million users our experts can help you to implement a cheaper & faster LMS (Learning Management System) using Moodle to give more powerful capabilities to your business. CartelSystems helps your business to optimize the learning experience for devices such as tablets, desktops & mobiles. CartelSystems introduces a wide range of new enhancements & functionality to its existing features which includes-

·    Moodle integrations with CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress

·    Responsive moodle theme development

·    Course catalog improvements

·    Integration with ecommerce applications like OpenCart, OsCommerce, Drupal Commerce

·    Payment gateway implementations with Credit Card payment feature

·    Moodle mobile development

·    Custom moodle certificates

·    Customized moodle reports

We are always there to assist you the best way we can. You can simply call us & talk to our executives. We help our clients throughout the process of integration, support, training, customization & implementation services to help them to get productive results. At CartelSystems we provide 24 hours responsive application support & hosting support so that our clients can concentrate other areas that require more attention. Our main clients are government organizations, corporations & educational institutions.

We believe in growing your business through training based on competency. We help our clients to align his business plans with individual development with respect to the organizational strategies. It further allows the managers to monitor the running progress by creating records for each & every employee & fulfilling gaps in knowledge wherever required. To represent your organizational structure in the best possible way it is advisable to use hierarchies to set different kinds of frameworks according to groups, teams, departments, management levels & individual job roles. Use them to induce management, competency evaluation & specific learning plans.

Contact us today to get assistance on how to build sophisticated learning paths by clearly outlining rules & assigning them to individuals, organizational parts or job roles.